Classroom Defensive Driving San Antonio

List of San Antonio Classroom Defensive Driving Course Providers

School Phone Number
A Approved Defensive Driving School (210) 734-7549
Austin Driving School (210) 308-9939
Comedy Defensive Driving (866) 540-0584
Comedy Guys Defensive Driving   (877) 826-6339
Comedy Speed Relief (210) 432-5233
Motor Mirth (210) 394-0718

Maybe you couldn’t wait to get downtown to cheer for the Spurs or catch a show or maybe just to stroll along the Riverwalk. On the other hand, maybe you couldn’t wait to get out of town to some Hill Country peace and quiet. Maybe you were just late for work. Whatever the circumstance, you have found yourself with a San Antonio traffic ticket. So, what do you do? Why, get rid of it, of course!

One of the things that makes the Great State of Texas great is being able to use a driver safety course for ticket dismissal. Taking a San Antonio defensive driving course will save you a little money off the cost of the fine on the front end and will save you big time down the road by way of the lower car insurance premiums you’ll enjoy because of your clean driving record. In fact, in many cases, submitting a driver safety course certificate of completion to your insurance company can lower your current premiums. Who knew that getting a ticket could actually make you money?

Steps to Starting Your San Antonio Defensive Driving Journey

Not all traffic citations qualify for dismissal with Texas defensive driving. The city of San Antonio’s website makes it easy for you to know. If a trip through their handy flowchart indicates that you are eligible for ticket dismissal, follow their instructions and obtain permission to take a course. All that’s left now is to find one.

But There’s a Kazillion of Them! How Can I Be Sure I’m Picking the Right One?

If you’ve never taken defensive driving, or haven’t in a while, a quick search of the internet will reveal what seems like hundreds of potential options. To help you wade through, there are some basic facts about defensive driving that you should know.

Perhaps the most important of these facts is that dismissal of a San Antonio traffic ticket will only be granted through the completion of a course that has been approved by the TEA (Texas Education Agency) and the TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation). These two agencies make the rules and course providers must play by them to keep their approval. The cost, length and content of defensive driving courses are established by law. Don’t get distracted claims of “the cheapest” or “the shortest” as state law mandates that a course must be a minimum of six hours in length and cost a minimum of $25. If you find a course that is shorter or cheaper, it’s not going to be one that will get you out of your ticket and that was kind of the point in the first place, wasn’t it?

Which Kind of San Antonio Defensive Driving Course Is Best for You?

You can complete an approved defensive driving course by one of two methods—a traditional classroom course or one taken online. Like we said, either method is going to cost the same in terms of time and money, so the choice comes down to your personal preference and learning style.

Believe it or not, with the right teacher and the right group of fellow speeders, a classroom defensive driving course can be fun. The problem with this method is finding a course that fits into your schedule and, sometimes, in finding a class at all. Classroom defensive driving is quickly becoming a thing of the past. We have included a list of course providers who offer classroom courses at the bottom of this post.

These days, most people opt for the convenience of completing their defensive driving course online. Taking your course this way allows you to customize it completely. Online courses allow students to log in and out of the course whenever they would like, freeing them to complete the course all at once or a piece at a time depending on their schedules. We’ve prepared a list of these driver safety courses, too.

You’ll Never Finish If You Don’t Get Started

At the end of the day, your Texas defensive driving choice boils down to choosing to get the course done. It’s understandable that it’s not something you’re looking forward to but, if you go in with an open mind, it won’t be unbearable and you might even remember a thing or two that years of driving have caused you to forget. Who knows? You may accidentally come out on the other side a safer driver. If you don’t appreciate that, the rest of us to share the road with you certainly do!