heavy highway traffic jam

A lot of people have noticed that traffic jams are not something that they want to be stuck in. They are not something that they embrace with open arms and they certainly do not do you any good when you need to get somewhere fast or even on time. People are piled up on one another and everyone is honking and wondering why the line is not moving anywhere, while others are trying to get in your lane thinking it is moving faster. This is a stressful situation for anyone that is involved with it. However, times are about to change.

When populations start dying down and becoming less and less, this means that more and more people will not be driving on the road. Less traffic is something that is logical when you think about the less people that are going to be driving on the road.

Research was conducted on the US, France, Great Britain and Sweden to find out exactly how many miles each country drives every year – surprisingly – the numbers are decreasing when it comes to the amount of miles people drive every year in each of these countries. Not only has driving declined, but the amount of people that actually own cars has also declined.

There is going to be a world with less people living in it – less driving, less going to work which means open spaces to use for living arrangements and so on. This will mean a lot for the future of driving, but also for the future of those living during this time. Mostly everything is going to be done right from the comfort of your home such as working, shopping and anything else you wish to do.

Sure, there will still be driving but a substantial amount less than there currently is. This is because delivery truck drivers will need to drive but also because people will want to visit friends and relatives. However, when work and shopping can be done online – this cuts out a substantial amount of people that would otherwise be on the road.

The culture is going to shift and the attitudes that were once big on driving are going to decline. Many people are going to want to do other things such as bike or walk to get places since they will be more environmentally conscious. Younger drivers and baby boomers currently are giving up on driving. Not only is it expensive, but it can do a lot of harm when it comes down to it. The accidents, the environment and the tickets if you do something wrong while you’re behind the wheel.

Not only do you have to spend a lot to own a car, which means upkeep and gas and insurance, but a lot of the wages being paid currently are too low for a lot of people to afford their own cars. When the younger generations move into urban areas they will no longer need cars and they will opt to share cars with friends, walk, bike or use the public transportation system that is in place for that particular area.