couple drinking alcohol

When it comes to feeling fine and actually not being fine, there is a fine line on what you should do. Now parents, teens, people in general are able to bring home their own breathalyzer so they can find out if they are ready to get in the vehicle and drive away. There are many benefits that come with this and the best part is that you can connect it to any smart device that you have laying around.

All it is is a small device with a usb attachment that you place in your smart phone, tablet or so on and you can get results within seconds. You need to put an app on the smart device to be able to read with the device that connects to it, but otherwise, you’re able to read results on anyone that breathes into the device.


  • There are many benefits to being able to find out the blood alcohol level in people. One of the first ones being that if you think you’re safe to drive, you should check to make sure before you go ahead and do it. Some people might feel fine, but in fact, they are over the limit when it comes to being able to operate machinery, including vehicles.
  • Parents can also check their teens breath for alcohol when they come home or before they think about driving and so on to ensure that they are on top of the parenting aspect. This can be a good thing when it comes to keeping an eye on teens that might be a bit harder to manage.
  • Be able to have the security and comfort knowing that whoever you’re around might not be getting in their cars when it comes to checking their levels. You can then stop that from happening when they breathe into the machine and it reads what their level is.

However, it is not endorsed at something that should be used to tell you whether you’re good enough to drink or not based off of the counting beers and drinks method. It also can be sued against if the companies tell you to use it for that reason and then you end up getting a DWI or DUI anyway.

They might be good to have around though, just for some insight on where your levels stand at that particular time. It might be a bit off from the normal police officer breathalyzer, but it can be somewhat close to telling you where you’re at and the content that is flowing through your bloodstream. Since every person is different when it comes to how much they are safely able to drink, the results can vary from person to person. Weight, age and height also come into factor when it comes to finding out what your own limit is and how you feel after you’ve had one or ten drinks for the night.

If you have a need to find out what yours or someone else’s blood alcohol level is then you might want to check out these pretty cool devices that you can bring along with you.