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Everyday there are thousands of roadside emergencies and collisions on Texas roads. Even though there is usually little to no warning, there are steps every driver should take to be equipped to handle the situation.

It is important to remember that if your vehicle breaks down or you are involved in a collision, it is best for everyone involved to remain calm and act quickly while addressing the situation.

After reviewing guidelines developed by law enforcement officials, emergency responders, and traffic safety professionals, we have put together the following checklist to help you make sure that you will be ready in the event of a roadside emergency.


  • Roadside Emergency Kit – What should I have with me?
    • Cell Phone
    • First-aid Kit
    • Warning Lights/Hazard Triangles
    • Tire Gauge
    • Jack and Lug Wrench
    • Foam Tire Sealant
    • Spare Fuses
    • Flashlight
    • Gloves


  • Approaching an Emergency Scene – What do I need to do if I get there first?

If you arrive at an accident scene before any emergency vehicles you should first determine if 911 has been called. In a situation when you can’t determine if a call has been made, it is always a safe bet to just dial 911. If a call has already been made the operator will let you know that emergency crews are on the way. Make an attempt to keep everyone involved in the accident calm until police and paramedics arrive.


  • Driving with Emergency Vehicles – Do I stop or just slow down?

When you are driving and you see an emergency vehicle you must first determine if the vehicle is moving. If the vehicle is driving towards your direction or coming up from behind you, the law requires that you pull over to the right of the road making an unimpeded path for them to pass. If the vehicle is parked you will need to move over no less than one lane or reduce your speed by 20 mph.


Being prepared is always helpful in life but with roadside emergencies, it could be a matter of life and death. Always make sure you are ready for the road because you never know what it may have in store for you.