car crash fender bender

Fender benders are common when the roads become slick and icy when the cold weather hits and being prepared for anything that happens is always a good thing – especially if it is snowing and very cold outside of the vehicle. This year, fender benders are on an all time high, up 20 percent from last year so being prepared for one should be high on your to do list.

This can be scary when it happens but if you take the necessary steps then you will be prepared in case it does.

After it Happens

If the car is drivable, you’re going to want to get out of the way of traffic so it can resume and no one else is hurt in the process. If you had a hard time stopping and the roads are icy and it is hard to see and the vehicle is not able to be moved then make sure to stay inside it until help arrives. Buckle your seat belt to ensure that you’re protected in case someone else had the same problem with stopping.

If a police officer was not around during the incident, make sure to call 911 to report it to someone that can route the nearest police officer to the accident.

If you can move safely out of traffic then make sure that everyone involved is okay. Even if it was just a minor, small accident, people are able to be hurt when they are involved in them. If everyone seems fine, it still might be a good idea to visit the doctor to be sure of any injuries that might be unseen due to the accident.

You will want to have the accident documented by the police to show to insurance companies. Depending on who was involved in the crash and who is at fault – one company might be require this documentation over another. The insurance companies are then in contact with each other on what is going to be done when it comes to the accident that you were in. You need to make sure that even the doctor’s visits were documented from the collision.

Putting the Car Back on the Road

Once all is said and done, you’re going to want to make sure that you vehicle is put back together and on the road so you can get back to normal, everyday life. Just make sure that all of the damages that were done were covered and fixed after the accident. You shouldn’t have to worry about not being able to drive your vehicle after these problem areas are corrected.

The places that fix problems will be able to either come pick up the vehicle right at your home if it is not drivable or if you can drive it, you can bring it right to their garage. You’re able to be back on the road in no time when you work with a mechanic that takes your insurance.

Always remember these rules and to ensure that everyone in the vehicle is buckled up at all times. This will help to save their lives in any type of crash.

Other Weather-Based Road Hazards

Of course, snow and icy conditions are not the only means mother nature has at her disposal to create road hazards. Heavy rains can be just as dangerous in terms of driving conditions. You can prepare for these and other inclement conditions by taking a state approved defensive driving course.