young teen driving

When it comes to getting your license or permit for the first time – you feel excited, liberated and free from the confinement of always having to ask your parents for rides. Parents however, feel something entirely different since they now have to worry about their teen driving and being dangerous while out on the busy roads.

Teens are four times more likely to crash their cars than older drivers that are on the road.

When it comes to having teens drive, setting a good example and making sure they understand the rules, regulations and dangers that are on the road earlier can help them become better drivers overall. Parents play one of the most crucial roles when it comes to preventing their teens from getting into crashes. When it comes to advice and opinions, teens will listen to their parents over anyone else that comes to talk to them.

The Dangers

Almost everyone has heard it, but it should be heard again – teens are more likely to crash while driving. Around 3,000 teens are killed when it comes to vehicle crashes annually. This roughly translates to 8 to 9 teens dying each and every day from a motor vehicle crash. Over 300,000 teens are injured from crashes that they were in. The night time is when the crashes are more likely to happen and new drivers have a higher rate of being in a crash during this time. Not only that, but if it is night, the driver is new and there are two or more friends in the car – the statistics are astonishing.

The Reason for Crashing

There are many reasons for teens to get into a car crash – no matter what time of the day or night it is. Many times risky behavior or driving without a seat belt can be a cause but it is important to note that not just these risky teens are in danger when they drive – but all teens that are driving. Since they are inexperienced on the road – it leads to common problems that happen and fear setting in when they are not able to make a quick decision in time. Within the first six months of getting their license – teens are likely to get into a crash.

There errors that have been researched and recorded are the leading factors of teen related crashes.

  • Going too fast for the current weather conditions they are driving in.
  • Being distracted by something that is either outside or inside the vehicle.
  • Failing to look around them, assess their surroundings and inability to notice any hazards in the way and respond accordingly to them.

The more experience the teen has, the more able they are to not have these errors when it comes to driving. They have to take it slow and work on the skill to ensure that they are better at it. No one is good at something from the start – it takes practice to get pretty good at whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish and the parents of the teen should help them when it comes to gaining that experience.