Driving for Improved Fuel Efficiency

As fuel prices continue to climb upward it makes sense to try and be more fuel efficient whenever you can. For most people that means trading in the truck or [...]

2018-04-10T15:51:56-05:00August 25th, 2014|

Driving with Distractions

Driving is a big responsibility. A responsibility to keep yourself, your passengers, and others of the general public safe by maintaining safe driving practices while behind the wheel of a [...]

2018-04-06T15:50:08-05:00August 18th, 2014|

Wearing a Seat Belt if You’re Pregnant

Being pregnant and expecting a baby is an exciting time for anyone out there. Making sure that you cover everything that you need to have covered is even more important [...]

2018-04-06T14:06:11-05:00April 14th, 2014|

ADHD and Learning to Drive

ADHD alone can be a difficult thing to live with. Not only do you have a hard time sitting still, but you also have a hard time concentrating on things [...]

2018-04-10T13:08:02-05:00January 17th, 2014|

Using Good Judgment on the Road

Driving is a privilege. You maintain this privilege in great part by demonstrating good judgment. Conversely, you can have your driving privilege revoked by demonstrating poor judgment. If your vehicle [...]

2018-04-05T10:02:22-05:00October 10th, 2012|

How your senses help you on the road

The fact that Charles Lindbergh was able to find his way across the Atlantic with little help other than his own senses and two guys in a fishing boat, both [...]

2018-04-04T17:39:13-05:00October 7th, 2012|
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