pregnant woman

Being pregnant and expecting a baby is an exciting time for anyone out there. Making sure that you cover everything that you need to have covered is even more important when the time comes. This is because you want to ensure that both you and your baby are safe. Not only in health and wellness, but also while you’re driving around in your vehicle. However, some women might not know the importance of wearing a seat belt and how it should sit on you while you’re driving or even while you’re a passenger in the vehicle.

Some of the women out there that are expecting babies wonder if they should wear a seat belt during this time and if it is actually safe to have there while the baby is there. You do not want to do any harm to the baby, but you also do not want to do any harm to yourself either.

Experts all agree that having a pregnant woman wear her seat belt is a good way to go. It can help to protect her and her unborn child from harm in case there is an accident. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but keeping both baby and the mom safe is key while in the vehicle. Not wearing a seat belt can cause the mother to propel from the vehicle which can cause further damage to both her and her baby.

Here are some tips that were compiled by The American Academy of Family Physicians for pregnant women to follow when it comes to being in an operating motor vehicle:

  • Make sure that you’re wearing a three point seat belt with the lap belt right under your belly and straight across your lap, or the top parts of your legs against your hips. The shoulder strap should go across your front section without being twisted.
  • Call a doctor if you experience stomach pain, fluid leaking or if you have contractions while in the vehicle, no matter where you are.
  • If you are not driving the vehicle, sit in the back seat of the vehicle to be safer in case of an accident.
  • Do not turn the air bags off while in the vehicle, but move the seat back as far as it will go while in the front seat to ensure that you’re as far away from the bags as possible and give yourself enough leg room.
  • If there happens to be a car crash that you’re involved in, make sure to seek immediate medical care, even if you do not actually feel injured. This can check out you and the unborn baby within your womb.
  • Take your time, stay away from road rage and always be cautious and keep away from any distractions that might be in your vehicle.

Even if you’re a bit uncomfortable while in the back seat, or wearing the seat belt, you want to ensure that both you and the baby are safe while you’re driving around. By following these car safety tips, you can ensure that you get the most out of the drive that you have without having something go wrong. If you’d like to take a deep dive into driver safety, consider taking one of the many fully approved defensive driving courses from the state of Texas.