TX DPS Approved Teen Drivers Ed

Our approved teen drivers ed program is designed to be used in conjunction the TX DPS parent taught program. We cover the classroom portion of the course while the parent is responsible for documenting behind the wheel driver training in the driving log that we provide.


Teen Drivers Ed – Process for Completion

  1. Signup for this course
  2. Download the DL-92 form during registration as prompted
  3. Complete the form and submit it to the DPS
  4. Wait for approval (about 2 weeks)
  5. Log on and start your drivers ed course
  6. Work through all steps outlined within the course
  7. Receive your certificate and go get your license

The course is available for $89.00. Once you are ready to begin simply click the get started button below to complete course registration.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Parent Taught Teen Drivers Ed

Where can I get a copy of the DPS parent taught packet?
How old do I have to be to take drivers ed in Texas?
How much does it cost to complete a parent taught course?
How do I complete my behind the wheel training?
How do I get started?


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