Texas Approved Adult Drivers Ed

Are you between 18-24 and looking to get your drivers license for the first time? The state of Texas now requires that you take an approved adult drivers ed course before being issued a license. Although this may sound complicated, it actually makes it easier and faster than taking a standard driver education course.

We offer a state-approved Texas adult drivers ed course online through TDLR/TEA school #C2839 which takes 6 hours to finish and it’s only $34.95.  You can take the course today and get your license as soon as tomorrow. Hows that for easy?

Online Adult Drivers Ed Course

The course is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Register and Complete Your Course Online – From Anywhere
    • The course is divided into 9 sections that include audio, video and animations to help the time go by faster.
    • After each section, you will take a brief ten question quiz that reviews what you have just learned. To move on to the next section you need to make at least a 70% on each quiz. The best part is that if you don’t pass the first time, you can go back and review the section before taking the quiz again making it impossible to fail.
  2. Take The DPS Written Exam Online
    • When you have completed the course you will take the DPS Written Exam Online. This is your final for the course.
    • The DPS Exam only has 30 questions so you can breeze right through it. You must get a 70% or better to pass but you have 3 attempts to pass without having to pay any extra fees.
  3. You Can Now Go Get Your License
    • All you need to do now is make a trip to the DPS to finish the process and get your drivers license.
    • You will take a visual test and a quick behind-the-wheel test while at the DPS and then you’re done. A licensed driver within a matter of days.

Ready to get on the road and enjoy the freedom of having a drivers license? Register and begin your course now by clicking the get started button below.

Frequently Asked Questions about Adult Drivers Ed

The course we offer is approved by the state of Texas and the Texas Education Agency as school #C2267 to meet the requirements of adult drivers ed for new drivers between 18-24.

The course takes about six hours to complete. After you finish you will receive a certificate to take to a Texas Department of Public Safety office when you apply for your license.

Many new drivers find that waiting to take the adult drivers ed course instead of a teen course makes it easier. The adult drivers ed course is faster to complete and can be done 100% online.

New drivers in the state of Texas that have never held a drivers license and are between the ages of 18-24 must complete a TX approved adult driver education course before they can receive a Texas license.

This course costs $36.00 to complete with no hidden fees that some other companies try to charge.

To get started with the course all you need to do is register by clicking the get started button below. You will complete a short registration so we make sure we know where to send your certificate.

There are about 10 courses that have been approved by the TDLR (Texas Education Agency) that meet Texas DPS requirements for new drivers between 18 and 24 to receive their driver’s license. Looking for a complete list of these companies or their contact information? You can view it here.