Texas Driver Safety Course

Odds are you that the reason you are on this site is that you got a speeding ticket and you are trying to keep it off your driving record. Well you have found the right place. We offer a TDLR/TEA approved Texas driver safety course through CP280 that you can take to dismiss your ticket. If you have received permission from the court you can start your course and be done by the end of the day.

There are many other benefits to taking the course in addition to dismissing your ticket.

  • Save up to 10% on your car insurance for 3 years
  • Learn driving techniques that will help keep you safer
  • Do your part to make our roads safe for you and everyone on them


Driver Safety Course Details

There have been courses available to help drivers keep their records clean for years but during the creation and TDLR/TEA approval of our Texas driver safety course we knew that we wanted to be different. We now offer a course that is convenient to take, easy to complete and affordable on any budget.

Convenient – You take it when you have time. Log on and off to complete the course over one day or 60. No more wasted weekends.

Easy – Take our course 100% online. No commute. No traffic. No sitting in a boring classroom.

Affordable – Our course is offered for only $25.00, the lowest price allowed by Texas law for an approved driving course.

If you are ready to take the easiest Texas driver safety course on the market and keep that ticket off your driving record, click the get started button below to complete a short registration and begin your course.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Our TX Driver Safety Course

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Can I take this course to dismiss a ticket?
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