Classroom Defensive Driving Austin

List of Austin Classroom Defensive Driving Course Providers

School Phone Number
Austin Driving School (512) 280-4499
Comedy Defensive Driving (866) 540-0584
Wide Awake Defensive Driving (512) 440-1600

Austin’s finest has the reputation for being aggressive ticket writers. Whether this reputation is deserved or not, maybe you have found yourself with a ticket and you’d like to make it go away. Fortunately, courts in Texas made that an easy proposition a long time ago.

For most minor traffic violations, a defensive driving (a. k. a. driver safety) course can be used to dismiss a ticket and keep it off your record. The first step you need to take is to make sure that you qualify for this kindness. If you do, you’ll need to submit a Driver Safety Request form by the due date indicated on your ticket. Now all that’s left is choosing a class. That should be the easy part, right?

Well, about that…

Choosing the Right Austin Defensive Driving Class for You

You can choose to complete your defensive driving class by one of two methods. The state refers to these as “traditional” (classroom) and “ADM” (alternate delivery method). These days, this last one is just fancy talk for online. Once upon a time, you could rent the course at Blockbuster and take it home and watch it on your TV.

The choice of which method you use to earn your certificate of completion really comes down to your schedule and learning preference. Some people enjoy meeting their fellow ticket getters and learn best in a classroom situation. Unfortunately, classes like this one are harder and harder to find. The chart below lists some Texas classroom defensive driving course providers available in the Austin area.

Online Defensive Driving Austin

If your schedule doesn’t have a spare six hours in it or if you would just as soon sit on your couch as in a room full of strangers, a TEA/TDLR approved defensive driving online Texas course may be your best option. These courses offer the convenience of completion from any internet enabled device (including smartphones) and the course can be completed all at once or a piece at a time so that you can easily fit it into your busy life.

Whichever course provider or delivery method you choose, the length of the course, the information covered and the base price are all established by state law. Don’t be fooled by “ours is fastest” or “ours is cheapest,” you can’t get it done for any less than $25 and six hours of your life. What the course covers is also the same from provider to provider. Can one course really remind you of the colors of a traffic light, warn you of the dangers of drinking and driving and encourage you to always buckle up in a way that is that much more clever than another? Our advice to you is the same that your mother’s was when she told you to clean your room—the faster you get started, the faster you get finished. So flip a coin, pick one and get going!