Classroom Defensive Driving Dallas

Below is a list of Dallas area classroom defensive driving courses. Most of them will require a phone call to get class dates and times because the offerings change regularly. A couple have websites and, for those, links are provided.

List of Dallas Classroom Defensive Driving Course Providers

School Phone Number
Auto Safe T Defensive Driving School (972) 994-1075
Comedy Defensive Driving (866) 540-8554
Comedy Guys Defensive Driving (972) 907-8878
Improvisation Comedy Club & Restaurant (972) 404-8501
Defensive Driving School (469) 737-4218
Metroplex Defensive Driving (214) 341-1311

Taking a defensive driving class can be a good idea, especially if you’ve received a traffic citation. Keeping a ticket off of your record keeps the cost of your auto insurance down and saving money never hurts.

If you are looking to take a class in a traditional classroom setting, you may be discovering that they are hard to find. Like rotary telephones and VCR’s, classes taught by professional defensive driving instructors are becoming a thing of the past.

Dallas Classroom Traffic School Can be Fun

I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. I’ve heard some great stories while attending traffic ticket dismissal classes. It’s always interesting to hear the tales of your fellow “ticket getters.” I was in a class once where a guy thought he could save some time on his way to the lake by turning on his headlights and falling in with a funeral procession. When he tried to pull off at the cemetery entrance, one of the escort officers pulled him over. Wearing swimming trunks and carrying a cooler in the backseat, it was hard to argue that he was among the mourners. End of the story? He got cited for running 8 red lights.

This Will Help Your Texas Defensive Driving Course Search

Finding a classroom defensive driving course in Dallas is no mean trick. In our search, we found a site that compiled listings with descriptions of what different companies offer. It included one entry of a business that was categorized as “Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning/ Hospitals, Clinics & Medical Centers/ Alcoholism Information & Treatment Centers/ Defensive Driving Instruction.” Not sure what kind of class you could expect from them, but their website was broken so we couldn’t find out.

Online Defensive Driving Dallas Might be Easier

If you don’t have the time to travel to a class, much less find one, you don’t have to when every Texas driving safety course is as close as your computer, tablet or smartphone. You’ll get the same benefits with an online defensive driving course, and you can get started right away. The state requirements for what is covered in the class, how long it has to be and how much it costs are the same whether you are sitting in a classroom or on your couch. It’s up to you if the added convenience is worth sacrificing the chance to meet knuckleheaded drivers whose stories of getting a speeding ticket are better than yours.