young girl in wheelchair

There are a lot of vehicles out there that allow disabled individuals to still have their freedom when it comes to being able to drive around town. There are, however, selective choices to what this person is able to drive since a lot of vehicles are not able to carry the wheelchair with them and they might not be equipped with the right handles for the person to drive with. These all come into play.

So when Kenguru decided to introduce the wheelchair accessible EV two years ago, a lot of people were all for finding out more about them and how they would be able to get one. However, during that time the CEO and founder of the company was still searching for funding to make the dream a reality. The company was struggling as a whole to being able to produce these vehicles and have them handed out to the public for those that wanted to have a sleek, smaller sized vehicle that allowed them to stay in their wheelchair while driving. The company was worried about meeting the demand for the cars without having enough funding to actually buy the necessary items to build the vehicles.

There was still some research going into putting a joystick in the vehicles for the users to drive with instead of the handlebar-controlled versions that were originally made. Unfortunately, some people are not able to drive with the handlebar, but need the joystick in order to drive safely while on the road. A lot of people are hoping that the funding was going through in order to obtain one of these vehicles.

When it comes to it though, it seems that good things come to those that wait. This is because the wait might be over for those looking to use these vehicles and own one themselves.

It was announced earlier in the week that the company was now going to be able to start taking pre-orders on the vehicles. The B1 and Z1 models are those that are being offered at this particular point in time but they feel that they have enough to hand out some of these to those that request them early enough. The B1 has a handlebar steering system, while the Z1 has a joystick driving system – depending on the needs of the driver, they are able to use one or the other. They are able to go up to 25 miles per hour and can go up to 45 miles on a single charge.

The B1 is selling for around $25,000, while the Z1 is going to cost around $38,500 but by putting down $100 deposit when you pre-order, you’re able to save 10% off of the hefty price tag that comes along with the vehicle. The delivery of the vehicles has yet to be released, but it could take another whole year for the vehicles to actually be delivered to those that pay for them.