texting and driving

As the number of texting while driving accidents continues to rise, more and more people are on board for stopping this crime. Not only is the public stepping in, but AT&T and Demi Lovato have also taken a stand against it. They are hoping to curb the use of cell phones when people are behind the wheel. Your eyes should be on the road ahead of you and not down on your phone. Demi Lovato, singer and actress, has recently took the “It Can Wait” pledge as part of the project to stop texting and driving. This is through the website ItCanWait.com where useful apps were designed to stop texts while the person is on the road. Demi then continued to say that, “No text is worth the risk.” This is a big statement and one that a lot of people should listen to the next time they decide to text while they are behind the wheel.

Not only that, but on Android phones, you’re able to download an app that allows you to get a message that is sent to those texting to let others know that you’re behind the wheel. This new app is DriveMode. It provides you with a way to let the people know that you’re driving, so you do not have to look down and text them back to let them know. It is an away message that you set up before you leave, then it can repeat the message to everyone that sends texts to you. It is based on the speed that you’re going so that it is able to shut off when you’re going slow or when you come to a stop. It will then lock up when you’re going at a certain speed while on the road. During this time, it also disables any sounds or alerts that you might get while driving.

Over 75% of younger adults state that they feel that they can safely text and drive. This is a statistic that is scary, due to the fact that this has been proven to be a deadly thing that is done. So many crashes and lives have been taken due to someone thinking that they could text and drive safely. Even if you have gotten away with it once, twice or even a handful of times – it has proven to be one of the deadliest things that someone can do while they are on the road. 1.3 million crashes throughout the United States have happens – you’re over 20 percent more likely to get into an accident if you’re texting while driving. Not only this, but when you’re absorbed in your phone, you’re more likely to forget other important aspects that come along with driving such as forgetting your seat belt or not checking your mirrors. Plus, if you think you can get a way with texting and driving, who is to say that you couldn’t put on make up and drive? These can all be deadly mistakes.

There are many excuses by those that have been caught texting and driving such as – “I just read them and don’t text back!” “I can hold it up to the wind shield so I am able to do both at the same time!” “Everyone is texting and driving and they are all still alive!” “I only text at stop lights” and so on. The list is plentiful with so many people saying these, that it is no wonder why they think they are getting away with it – until one day when they don’t. If you’re serious about safe driving, consider taking a defensive driving class online. The life you save may be your own!