man fastening seat belt

Last year on the way home from the store, my neighbor was rear ended while stopped at a red light. After the accident and for some time to follow he had a difficult time turning his head to see to his left or right. I would be outside working in the yard when he came driving down the street. As he turned to wave, he would have to slowly turn his head and chest just to wave hello.

To help avoid the same pain he endured from his neck injury, it is important to always check that your headrest is properly adjusted. Studies by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety indicate that 90 percent of all drivers have their headrest adjusted to low.

To make sure that the headrest is in the correct position, make sure it will make contact with the back of your head. It should align about four inches from the top of your head or at the level of your ears. A properly set headrest helps to prevent the type of neck whiplash that has been shown to cause the majority of severe neck injuries. It works by keeping your neck from moving backwards past the point of vertical alignment in the event of an accident.

The headrest should make contact with the back of your head, about four inches down from the top of your head, or at the level of your ears. The headrest helps to prevent the type of neck whiplash that leads to the majority of serious neck injuries. It does this by keeping your neck from going backwards past vertical alignment.

Since seat belts are an active restraint system they only work when they are “active” or worn. This means that if you fail to buckle up every time you get in a car, your cars most life saving feature will be rendered useless in the event of a crash.

Your seat belt is designed to stop your forward momentum during a collision and will effectively absorb the force of an impact.

Texas state law requires that all occupants of a vehicle, no matter their age, wear a seat belt when a vehicle is in motion. Any child younger than 8 years of age is required to be restrained in an approved child safety seat unless the child is at least 4 feet, 9 inches in height.

Seat belt safety is important. Vehicle manufactures install them in our cars to keep us safe and wearing them saves countless lives every year. Even though a ticket is motivation to most, saving your own or someone else’s life should encourage everyone to buckle up. If safe driving is important to you, consider taking an approved online driving course. The practical advice you learn will benefit you every time you get on the road.