man alone walking down alley

When it comes to taking a nice refreshing walk or visiting someone in your neighborhood by foot, you should be prepared for anything that might come your way. This means that any vehicles that you see on the road during your journey can actually be a hazard to you when you are just walking down the street. You shouldn’t have to feel worried or threatened by the vehicles, but the truth is that you should and you should always stay alert, no matter where it is that you’re walking and no matter what road or how far you’re walking either.

The day with the highest fatalities and injuries caused by vehicles to pedestrians?

That would be December 23.

This day is when more pedestrians than any other day have been killed by motor-vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is the one that compiled the information and put it together to show these astonishing results on just how many pedestrians were killed and which days were the highest.

Their records show that over 750 pedestrians were killed on the 23rd of December over a course of 25 years. January 1st was the next one on the list with just two less than the 23rd, and then October 31st next with close to twenty less than those two.

The winter months throughout the year have more fatalities than other seasons throughout the year due to the fact that driving conditions become worse. The weather conditions shift and roads become hazardous, while the light of the days becomes shorter so it becomes darker earlier in the day. Between October and January is when the death tolls rise for vehicle passengers, drivers and pedestrians alike.

A lot more people should take caution when it comes to walking down the roads, riding a bike or even a motorcycle around. The death tolls for these pedestrians have increased since the past year and continues to be on a steady incline. This is something that should be shared and repeated since everyone should ensure that they stay safe, even if it is not the winter months, but other months as well when conditions might be bad or when there is no shoulder to safely walk on. You need to ensure that all precautions are taken when going anywhere, at any time of the day, on any day and so on since these tolls will continue to increase if people are not warned and educated of the dangers.

So what do these days say for us when it comes to being out and about? It means that not only do you have to exercise even more caution on these days, but it also means that you have to exercise even more on the other days as well. Anything can happen to anyone, on any day and the only way to prevent this from happening is to ensure that you take the necessary precautions and this also means teaching your children of the importance of walking or riding alongside roads.